Factors that Increase Danger When You Cut Down a Tree 

Trees are very precious and dear to us, as we know, trees produce the oxygen that we breathe. That is why we are vehement in opposing logging companies who abuse our forests, which are our safeguard for a healthy and ideal environment.  

Even though we love our trees very much, there are times wherein circumstances call us to cut down our tree. These times occur wherein the tree poses a danger to our property and our lives; the tree may be weak and old, and can come crushing down without notice. If you have a tree like this in your yard, and if you are planning to remove it, here are the factors that increase danger when you cut down a tree.  

  1. Power Lines

One of the most risky hazards that are in play when you cut down your tree is the power lines overhead. When you are not skilled in cutting down a tree, you may not predict where it will fall down. Hence, it can come down and take the lines with itself. Aside from the direction of the fall, your tools, or the branches of the tree can the also damage the lines when they fall. 

If this unfortunate situation does happen, you will cause a power outage in all of your neighborhood. You may face fines, and you will cause so much trouble to your community. This power outage is only minuscule compared to the worst thing that could happen to you; you can be electrocuted when the power lines are live. 

  1. Faulty and Lack of Equipment

Another risk that could give you danger is your tools and equipment that are supposed to help you in this job. Proper tree removal requires specific tools like ropes, saws, wood chippers, ladders, cranes, and several others; you also need safety equipment that will cover you from head to foot. Not only will you need them completely, but you also need them all in good condition. When you proceed even with lacking tool and material, you are exposing yourself to greater risk. 

  1. Decaying Tree

Removing a tree is a very tricky business, especially if the tree is already decaying. A decayed tree has weak spots all over its trunk, and when you don’t have much knowledge in this task, the tree can just collapse unexpectedly. When the tree that you are planning to remove is already decaying, better call professionals who have the expertise to deal with this tricky business. For an excellent tree service company who offers this job, contact tree cutting atlanta. 

  1. Gravity

Another factor that can be a risk in your cutting down of a tree is gravity. Gravity pulls us all down to the Earth, and it is definitely of the major factors when a tree falls down without notice. Even if you made all preparations like using ropes and indentations on the trunk, if you have no expertise, gravity can pull down that tree and might cause damage to property and injury to people. 

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