Massage as an Effective Anti-pain Therapy

Before, it was merely assumed that a good massage can help alleviate pain. Now, several studies have confirmed that massage therapy can definitely help treat chronic pains, more particularly in the lower back area.

Lower back pain is one of the most common disorders leading to disability in the United States. A lot of patients tend to improve from this condition without any intervention but one-third of them are bound to experience persistent back pain. Around 15 percent of these people will eventually develop chronic lower back pain that could significantly limit their physical movements.

Massage and Chronic Muscle Pain

In the study pertained to above, several people who are experiencing chronic lower back pain were subjected to regular massage therapy. Results show that over half of the patients who participated in experienced meaningful improvements in conditions.

This is why people who suffer from pains are strongly encouraged to undergo clinical massage therapy if only to get relief from their condition. Unfortunately, massage therapies are yet to be covered by one’s health insurance.

Studies on Massage Therapy

There are several studies associated with massage therapy in highly controlled research set up. Most of the patients in such a study are referred by physicians. In the study, a clinical massage therapist is requested to design and provide the patient with a series of massages. The therapy is conducted in a clinic, with the therapy provided to each one similar with the rest of the patients.

The results of the study are wide and varied though there are a lot of things that were discovered among the patients and the type of massage therapy that they received. The results obtained are as follows:

1. Massage therapy is the most effective for older individuals.

Patients who are already in the elderly stage are the ones who are most benefited by a good massage. The patients who belong to the baby-boom generation are the ones who claimed to experience clinically meaningful developments.

2. Obese patients experience moderate results.

When massage therapy is conducted on an obese patient, significant improvements are expected as well. Unfortunately, the improvements that they experience weren’t retained as time goes by. Further research about the relationship of massage therapy and obesity is needed.

3. Opioids affect the results of the massage.

It has been discovered that the patients who take opioids experienced a lot of improvement in their pain. However, clinically meaning developments between this group of patients and the group that doesn’t use options aren’t that different.

These are great results for the massage therapy industry in general. However, it is important to note that more research is needed to fully establish the role of massage therapy on the treatment and recovery of patients who are suffering from chronic pain.

If you need more information or better yet, if you want to experience the effect of a good massage therapy yourself, try to talk to a professional whose expertise lies in Fresno Massage. He or she should be able to enlighten you on the benefits of massage therapy to your personal wellness.

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