Should You Install Brick Homes?

Bricks are one of your many options as far as building walls and siding is concerned. In fact, brick homes are quite popular back then. Although there are a number of other options available now, there’s no denying that brick homes are among the toughest structures there are.  

The question is, should you construct a brick home on this day and age? The answer is yes. Brick is still one of the best choices for the exterior of homes. Furthermore, it’s still popular today. The results of a recent study show that homeowners would rather build a brick home if they have the budget for it.  

The Advantages of Installing Bricks  

If you’re still unsure whether or not you should install brick stones in for your wall or siding, then here are some of the advantages that you can ponder. These are the main reasons why bricks never go out of date and style.  

  1. Low-maintenance requirements

When compared to other siding or walling materials such as wood and vinyl, brick requires a lot less maintenance. It’s durable and doesn’t need to be painted regularly. You don’t even have to paint it after installation. Additionally, bricks don’t dent like vinyl or rot like wood after a long period of time.  

  1. Environment-friendly 

Bricks are made from shale and clay, which means they are quite abundant on earth. Bricks can also be used again for other applications in case you decide to tear down your home for any reason. The bricks that you used for your home can be used again to build retaining walls for your garden or walkways for your lawn.  

  1. Fire and weather resistant 

Bricks don’t get caught in fire and they don’t aid the spread of fire. It’s the safest material for siding that you can install. Because of their non-combustible, they can be used to contain fire or heat in a certain part of your home. That’s exactly the reason why they build brick ovens. 

The Disadvantages of Bricks  

Almost all things have their good and bad sides. Bricks are no exemption. Listed here are some of the disadvantages of using bricks, to fair to you and to guide you better in your decision-making process.  

  1. Bricks are expensive. 

Bricks aren’t cheap and that’s a fact. That’s the reason why other alternatives came to be. Vinyl is still the most inexpensive siding material. It’s also easier to install. However, brick is tougher and longerlasting.  

  1. Limited colors 

Bricks may come in different colors but there are only really a few selections when you come to think of it. Unlike wood panels that you can paint to match whatever shade you want, bricks only come in red and other earth tones. If you’re strictly following a certain color scheme, bricks may not be for you.  

  1. Difficult to install 

Bricks aren’t easy to install. They have to be repointed during installation. That’s why you have to hire brick masons for the job, if you want to get the best results. So, if you want professionally-installed bricks, then you have to find the company that provides the best Granite city brick services. 

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